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The Traveller Doll

The Traveller is your friend who loves adventures.

A blue-eyed doll with long, blonde hair.

Every day with her means smiles from the moment you get up and a string of surprises one after the other.

She is a true individualist with her own agenda and challenges to face.

You can trust her. She is interested in various cultures of the world and her own country.

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89,99 €


Special gift – VIP Card

WeGirls doll gives you a special VIP Card for buying with 10% discount. Your unique number gives you free access to high level of our computer games created for girls.

Top high quality

WeGirls dolls are manufactured in Germany, made with a great care of top quality materials, with a soft body but a stable structure. There are currently 12 different models, height 46 cm/18 inches with sleeping eyes and the best hair quality. It guarantees inspirational and safe playtime for many years.

Best playing companion

WeGirls doll is a loyal friend a girl will love forever The doll represents real values and positive emotions and will make every girl really happy. Doll with personality She lives in wonderful stories that stimulate imagination, inspire and make the girl curious about the world around her. She is so real! So easy to identify with her! Promotes kindness and sensitivity and helps discover beauty of heart.

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