1. Where can I purchase WeGirls products?

WeGirls dolls are available in our online store: www.wegirls.com – we ship to Europe. For shipping table –> CLICK HERE.


  1. What are the shipping costs? What are the payment methods?

WeGirls products are sent nationally and internationally through our partner GLS. For shipping table –> CLICK HERE. PayPal is the most popular payment method for international transactions.


  1. At what age WeGirls dolls are appropriate?

WeGirls fashion doll can become a beloved toy even for a 3-year-old child.  5-14 years old children will be able to especially appreciate the breath of the WeGirls world. Rich accessories, brand new collections every season make WeGirls doll a valuable gift for years. You can also purchase matching clothing for girls and dolls. Online games are safe and fun to play. WeGirls creates happy and enjoyable world for your child.


  1. What does the WeGirls Club Card mean when obtained with the purchase of dolls?

Surprise! WeGirls owner receives an elite WeGirls of the World Club card. The card entitles to a 10% discount on all accessories purchases and unrestricted access to all WeGirls computer games and applications. Learn more. In the future we plan more surprises!


  1. What should I know about the WeGirls company?

WeGirls is a new European company which creates an unique brand. WeGirls guarantees the highest quality of its products. That’s why WeGirls dolls are manufactured in the reputable German factory, where tradition and technology for manufacturing dolls are at the highest level. The variety of products provides creative fun and always new inspirations. WeGirls world is based on positive emotions and values, provides a safe space for the development of each child.


  1. What does the WeGirls doll do?

WeGirls dolls are seemingly traditional toys – do not talk, do not move on their own – but bring a girl into the world of values ​​and good emotions. They teach and help to explore the world. They are heroes in educational and adventure books of WeGirls and therefore develop and “grow” with the child. They become true friends. They constantly bring new ideas to have fun, new designs and inspirations. And you can cuddle up with them in difficult times. Meet WeGirls


  1. Why the quality of the WeGirls doll is so special?

WeGirls doll is meant to be a gift for years – it is the doll who looks like a little girl, she is happy and believes in positive values. There is no such doll-friend anywhere in the world! It may be cherished for generations. That is why we care so much about the quality. WeGirls doll is unique. It is made from a special type of vinyl, pleasant to touch, her fingers are soft, her dense hair you can comb indefinitely, her eyes can shut. At the same time she can stand! This WeGirls doll is really amazing!


  1. How to care for a doll WeGirls?

Taking care of your WeGirls doll is very simple. It should not be bathed in fluids and it should avoid contact with the chemicals. More detailed information can be found here.


  1. I would like to work with WeGirls. Who do I contact?

For any suggestions, questions, please contact info@wegirs.pl.


  1. I have a problem with the WeGirls product. Who do I contact?

WeGirls guarantees the highest quality of its products. WeGirls dolls are made from the finest materials, they are soft and yet they can stand by themselves. WeGirls doll production technology is at the highest level. Read WeGirls guarantee of quality and refer to the instructions, “How to care for WeGirls doll?”. If you have additional questions, please contact info@wegirls.pl.


  1. How are WeGirls dolls dressed when purchased?

WeGirls dolls from the WeGirls Club: Sara, Weronika, Monika and Nina are dressed in Club uniforms (T-shirt with the logo of the WeGirls of the World Club, sports pants, panties and sneakers), the other dolls in other fun outfits (skirt and blouse with the WeGirls butterfly, panties and silver ballet shoes). Each doll has WeGirls Club card attached. Dolls are sold in beautiful, unique WeGirls boxes.


  1. What are the dimensions of the doll and her weight?

Her size is 46cm (18’) and she weighs less than a kilogram. Learn more.


  1. What are the sizes of clothing for girls?

The following sizes of clothing for girls WeGirls are available:

5 years / 110-116cm, 7 years / 122-128cm, 9 years / 134-140cm, 11 years / 146-152cm. See the table size.