I. Reasons why personal data is processed

Users of our web site remain anonymous until they themselves decide otherwise. The information contained in system logs (e.g. IP address), resulting from the general rules of connections made in the Internet, is used by for technical purposes linked to the administration of our servers. Apart from this, IP addresses are used for gathering general demographic statistics (e.g. regarding the region a connection was made from). Registering with requires the user to fill in a form in which information enabling contact should be provided, i.e. an e-mail address. The information given in the form is used by us for essential contact with our users and in order to better tailor what we present to our users’ needs and interests.

The personal data you give us when registering with and using the online shop, specifically your first name and surname, address, e-mail address and telephone number, are processed as follows:
• within the scope essential for establishing, shaping the content of, making changes to, discontinuing and correctly executing services rendered electronically, and for processing your orders;
• in order to carry out your orders for goods in the range of products available at;
• so as to be able to handle our customers’ claims, and deal with the return of goods and payment in the event of withdrawal from contract;
• if you express your consent for receiving marketing information from us, including trade information we send to you by e-mail, your personal data will also be processed by us for the purpose of providing you with information about our shop, about the products and promotions we have, as well as information on the products and services available from our partners (with our knowledge and distinct permission). gives its users the option of choosing whether and to what degree they want to use our site’s functions and provide information about themselves. Most of our functions are available without having to provide information about yourself, with only certain functions requiring registration.

Registering with is a voluntary decision taken by a user, who may at any moment cancel their registration and delete their profile in the section containing their personal details.

Although the provision of personal details is voluntary, not giving us consent for the processing of personal data may render it impossible for us to offer electronic services to you and impossible for you to purchase goods at

By entrusting us with your personal details, you have the right to demand their updating and the right to demand their deletion. You may also contact us with the demand that we delete your entire customer account by sending us a request to this effect to the e-mail address:, using your e-mail address currently registered with the online shop. Should you wish to discontinue receiving the newsletter, you may do so by yourself. Information regarding how to cancel your newsletter subscription is given in the footnote of each newsletter.

II. Security

The completion of the form filled in by a user when registering with, as well as the actual process of authorisation (logging in to our resources), takes place via coded sessions that significantly enhance the protection of data transmission within the Internet. Data such as access passwords to accounts is encrypted using one-way cipher algorithms, rendering their later decrypting impossible. uses appropriate means of security for the storing and processing of information, and these means meet the requirements of Polish legislation.

We are particularly careful in making sure that personal information is:
• correct and processed in a manner in keeping with the law,
• only acquired for specified purposes and not processed further in a manner inconsistent with these purposes,
• appropriate, suitable and not excessive,
• precise and up-to-date,
• not stored for longer than is necessary,
• processed in keeping with the rights of those concerned, including in line with the right to reserve the making available of the said information,
• stored safely,
• not transferred without suitable protection. contains or will contain services (e.g. a blog) in which content entered by a user (e.g. opinions, questions, etc.) becomes publicly available. A user may only publish content in these services following authorisation, and users themselves decide in what way they are to be named.

Based on the information obtained, draws up collective statistical comparisons that are revealed to third parties. Such comparisons do not contain data enabling the identification of individual users.

You should also remember that your nick and e-mail address, submitted as public, will be visible to all those using the online shop If you do not want to make your personal details available to an unlimited set of people, do not give this information as public.

For your own security, remember to:
• set a login and password for your customer account impossible for third parties to guess; in particular we recommend using letters and digits in the password, as well as small and capital letters;
• keep the customer account’s login and password secret, and in particular do not give your login or password to any third parties;
• use antivirus software, setting regular device scanning to detect viruses;
• only use the website and shop on trusted hardware on which only proven software has been installed. Using other people’s computers carries the risk of the login, password or other details you give being intercepted;
• if, however, you do use the site and shop using somebody else’s computer, e.g. in an Internet cafe, remember not to save data on this computer, and to erase the history of sites browsed (saved data may be used by a person using the computer after you).

III. Technical information

Technical information – cookies

When you use the online shop on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), small files (specifically text files) containing information essential for using the shop properly are saved on it; these files are known as cookies. Thanks to the saving of these files on your device, it is possible – among other things – to remember your login details (thanks to which you do not have to enter your login and password every single time), to remember goods you have placed in the shopping basket, and to tailor the page’s content to your interests. Cookies make it possible to gather statistical data for the online shop, thereby helping us develop the shop in line with our customers’ preferences.

Cookies do not contain data identifying you, and nobody’s identity can be determined on their basis. In no way are these files harmful to your device, and neither do they alter its settings or the settings of software installed on it. The content of these files may only be read by the server that created them.

What kinds of cookies do we use?
a) Files essential for the functioning of the shop; these are cookies enabling the correct functioning of the online shop, logging in to the shop, navigating around the shop’s website, doing shopping on the site and downloading purchased files from the shop. Using the shop without saving these cookies to your device is impossible;
b) Files ensuring the security of transactions carried out within the shop’s website. Without these cookies it is impossible to carry out transactions safely;
c) Statistical files – making it possible for us to gather statistical information on how the shop is used;
d) Functional files – cookies enabling the recording of your settings and preferences. By saving these cookies to your device, then – among other things – you will not have to enter your login and password on every single occasion, and products tailored to your interests will be displayed, etc.;
e) Advertising cookies – files enabling the personalisation of advertising. These cookies may be used by the shop or the shop’s partners rendering advertising services, thanks to which advertising tailored to your interests can be displayed, while the quantity of advertising displayed may be limited, thus rendering the advertising less troublesome, etc.;
f) Social networking files – enabling the integration of the social networking services you use with the shop.

What should you do if you do not agree for cookies to be saved to your device?

In most cases the browser’s default settings allow for the saving of cookies. If you do not agree for the saving of these files to your device, you have to alter your web browser’s settings accordingly. This modification may mean not saving cookies to your device, or informing you on every single occasion about the saving of such a file to your device. You may also delete cookies from your device following every visit to the shop. Detailed information regarding the options and ways of handling cookies is available in the settings and “Help” section of your web browser. However, bear in mind that restricting the usage of cookies may make it difficult or even impossible to use the shop.

Having the settings in your device’s browser allowing for the saving of cookies means that you agree for these files to be saved to this device.

Other technical information

Your personal data is stored in a database applying technical and organisational means ensuring protection of the processed data in line with the requirements defined by the universally binding legislation on the protection of personal data, including the regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 in regard to the documentation of the processing of personal data and the technical and organisational conditions which IT systems and hardware used for the processing of personal data should meet (Legal Journal no. 100, item 1024). Only those persons authorised by the data administrator have access to the said database.

IV. End provisions

Our goal is to ensure the maximum possible protection. Technology development as well as growth in what has to offer means that our privacy protection policy may evolve, and we will inform of modifications to such on these pages. You will also be informed suitably in advance of modification to these rules, and no later than 7 days before such modification is implemented, via the posting of the new wording of this document on the website. is open to any opinions, remarks and questions from its users regarding the confidentiality of information. Please send such to: or in writing, by traditional postal services, to WeGirls S.A., ul. Obrzezna 5, 02-891 Warszawa.