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Discover WeGirls world, designed to bring joy, education and inspiration to young girls. The brand has a unique proposition, fulfilling its mission through quality products. Our rich portfolio builds clients’ loyalty and encourages increased purchase frequency. We extend our innovative approach to our partners, who can rely on our flexible cooperation and support.

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Premium brand

All WeGirls products are manufactured with care and made from quality materials. Each model is designed to reflect latest trends and provide inspirational playtime for hours. We make sure our products have all required safety certificates. Our premium quality is reflected in high levels of clients’ satisfaction and low amount of returns.

Product diversification

WeGirls continually develops its rich offering that includes dolls, clothes, furniture and accessories like sports equipment such as snowboards, scooters, tennis rackets and more specific items like a wheelchair or special sets, for example surgeon’s set or equestrian collection. In addition, we offer clothes for girls that mirror our clothes for dolls

Repeated orders guarantee

Seasonal collections, variety of styles of clothes and accessories inspire ideas for educational fun. That is why our clients return to us to grow their WeGirls collections. Wide variety of products includes dolls, clothes, accessories, clothes, publications and online games – making WeGirls appealing to girls in a wide age range.

Brand promotion – business partnership support

WeGirls publish seasonal as well as long term advertising campaigns and our marketing materials are shared with our business partners to help them promote WeGirls merchandise at the point of sale, during exhibitions and industry events. We also promote our awards, certificates and educational values through continual PR activities.

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